Christina Ha is the Co-Founder and head Pastry Chef at the popular patisserie, Macaron Parlour. A graduate of the Institute of Culinary Education Pastry & Baking Program and the Culinary Management Program, Christina combined her passion for baking and her adoration for cats as a co-founder of New York's first cat cafe, Meow Parlour. Christina is also the President of Meow Parlour's partner rescue group, Meow Parlour Cats.

As the proud mom to 5 rescues, it was the last cat she adopted, Tia, that inspired Cat Camp. As Tia's foster mom, she faced the nearly impossible task of helping an eight week old kitten that weighed only 9 ounces gain weight. After reaching out to many incredible people within the feline advocacy community, Tia grew up to be a healthy (minature) 5 lb cat, and was adopted by Christina. The experience led Christina to want to connect the cat community together in an event that celebrated advocacy while inspiring the next generation of activists. She's proud to be a co-founder and partner in Jackson Galaxy's Cat Camp.