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Happy Summer, Cat Campers!

These limited capacity events explored topics not discussed often enough in our community, and we are excited to bring them to you. Learn more below and make sure to register today!

Human vs Cat: When Litter Box Problems Cause a Rift

Presenter, Mikel Delgado, Petting Cat
Jackson Galaxy Smiliing at Kitten on Shoulder

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To live with a cat is to embrace compromise. In no area of the home is that clearer than the litter box. Cat guardians will try almost anything to avoid “living with the litter box” - but at what cost? Besides creating unintended issues, the cat’s welfare could be at risk, and just as importantly, the welfare of the human-animal relationship.


In this session, Cat Camp counselors Jackson Galaxy and Mikel Delgado, PhD, Cat Behavior Consultant at Feline Minds will discuss common conflicts and less-than-ideal litter box setups that they observe when helping cat guardians. They will also talk about what leads cats to stop using the litter box and what can be done to get them back on track. And finally, Jackson and Mikel will take questions from session participants to help resolve the problems they are facing in their homes. Ultimately, this session will provide cat guardians with the tools they need to live successfully and happily ever after with their cats - and their cats’ litter boxes.

You're Not Going Crazy, You're Grieving: Navigating Animal Companion Loss in a Post-Pandemic World

Stephanie Rogers, GCCA-C
Presenter, Jackson Galaxy

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As you grieve, the sand may shift beneath your feet, but it need not swallow you.  

In the safe space of this interactive webinar, Cat Camp counselors, Jackson Galaxy and Animal Companion Loss Recovery Specialist, Stephanie Rogers, GCCA-C, CT, will familiarize you with the landscape of Compounded Grief, a world in which the grief experiences of personal loss are amplified by the universal losses associated with COVID-19.  

Whether the loss of your animal companion is recent or happened years ago, we hope you'll join us and find support in the company of others who are striving to incorporate similar losses into their own lives.   

You are not alone.

What's the Scoop (on Kitten Poop)?:  What the Tiniest Kittens are Telling you When They Go

Hannah Shaw, Kitten Lady with Kitten
Rachel Wallach, DVM

In this interactive webinar, Cat Camp Counselors, Hannah Shaw (Kitten Lady), and Dr. Rachel Wallach, DVM, will explore one of the most important signs of kitten well-being - poop!


Learn what diagnostic tools are available to you, how they work, and what they say about health. Enjoy a frank conversation about a topic that is near and dear to many kitten caretakers, followed by a Q&A for attendees to ask some very personal questions about poop.

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